Co‑Founding Tomorrows Companies

Together with investors and founders we transform unique ideas into independent tech companies with a focus on B2B.

Making ambitious ideas come to life

Our startup studio provides a new way of bringing innovative tech products and services to market. Together we build a new company from your idea. Our tools, experience and processes minimise risk of failure and accelerate growth.

Become a founder

Would you like to be a founder of one of our companies? Great, let’s talk!

Together with partners we develop ideas through its first few stages into a solid proposition. At the same time, we start connecting with business and technical founders, ensuring they jump on the train as early as possible. This enables them to put their own spin on the startup and are fully involved by the time we're ready to launch.

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Startup Story


Influentials is a startup we co-founded with Jolique Möller. Influentials is an all-in-one platform for finding social influencers, managing campaigns and tracking performance.

Startup Story


Obeyo is software for living-as-a-service for real estate developers and property managers. We’ve reached the point where we are looking for founders and seed investment.


We help innovators to successfully build and launch new companies

Do you have a great idea and are looking for a partner who can make the idea come to life? Let’s team up and let us do the heavy lifting.