The story of Influentials

Jolique Möller

Influentials is an all-in-one platform for finding social influencers, managing campaigns and tracking performance.

Together with Jolique we built Influentials to what it is today. From the lean prototype we started out with, to an Influencer marketplace with an international portfolio of Influencers across 120 countries in all popular categories like travel, fashion, food, health, mommy and fit. And this is just the start. Read on to find out about our journey.

jan 2018

Enhanced campaign editor and advanced analytics

In 2017 we managed lots of campaigns for brands working with Influentials. In the meantime we added lots of features to further support users creating and managing campaigns independently. This supported the shift to a subscription based business model, instead of being a service organisation.

In January 2018 we released the new campaign editor and more advanced social analytics to support users evaluating campaign results.

feb 2017

Website and Platform redesign

The platform did not have a responsive interface from the start and thus was hard to use on mobile devices. After the large February release influencers and brands are able to use Influentials from their mobile devices, which instantly resulted in a 25% growth in weekly active users! In addition, we redesigned both the website and the landing to better represent the brand Influentials, we love the clean look. Visit Influentials and check it out for yourself.

nov 2016

Amsterdam Office

We're expanding and opened an office in Amsterdam! Our campaign angels are now operating from both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Meanwhile, our total reach is already over 40 million people across channels and we have a growing number of international collaborations in our marketplace.

july 2016


Influentials ramps up growth in terms of team size, connected brands, and connected influencers. At the moment we’re represented in 120 countries worldwide, with a total of 3.500 influencers, having a total reach of over 30 million people on different channels. We made sure the back-end and database were ready for the sudden growth in the number of requests. We’re employing growth hacking techniques to further optimize conversions.


We built the first version of Influentials, ready to take over the Influencer marketing game. In January 2016 we launched the product in the Netherlands, but soon Influencers from all over the world started signing up. Brands followed, and we delivered several successful campaigns and collaborations.

sep 2015


Jolique launched a proof-of-concept, together with We Are Builders. We asked 10 influencers to join the platform but over a 100 signed up. On the first day. We knew we were moving in the right direction.



Jolique left the Netherlands and went to college in Miami. Soon she discovered the world of fashion bloggers and influencers, telling brands' stories and creating great content. She started and managed several online and offline campaigns for popular brands like Vodafone and Mercedes. There she learned there was room for improvement for both brands and influencers. Brands had a hard time managing campaigns. In addition, brands outside of the fashion industry were exploring Influencer marketing but could hardly find Influencers to represent their brands. On the other side, Influencers were looking for collaborations but didn’t know which brands were open to Influencer marketing. A marketplace bridges the gap for both parties, an idea was born.

Looking for the perfect Co-Founder?

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