Build for exceptional founders

We co-found new startups with experienced, ambitious talents. These founders focus on execution and growth while benefiting from the startup studio services, facilities and network.

Ride the train together

Together with partners we develop ideas through its first few stages. At the same time, we start connecting with founders, ensuring they jump on the train as early as possible. This enables you to put your own spin on the startup.

Unique advantages

Execution is key when growing startups, we know that. That’s why we have an efficient organization to support the founders where possible. Don’t spend time on things we already figured out, just concentrate on things that matter.

To name a few, here are benefits of working with a studio:

  • We did market research and validated the concept/ product/service.
  • Flexibly use the development, product management, design and marketing skills we have on our team.
  • Have clear targets and milestones to earn company shares.
  • Grow your network rapidly: connect with a group of fellow founders of other portfolio companies, business partners and investors.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how working with a studio will make your life as a founder easier.

1 Company
2 Founders

Our companies are founded by two founders, a business and a technical founder. Then, we act as the third founder with our team.

Business founder
You'll take research and/or prototype and build, measure, learn and pivot your way to a profitable company. Sales, marketing and everything required to grow the customer base are an important part of your daily activities. Later, you'll create your own team and work on the company culture.

Technical founder
You are in charge of the technology and the development team of the startup. You'll continue development of the software and manage the roadmap together with the We Are Builders dev team. Later, you'll build the tech team and scale the operation.

Co-founder opportunities

We are spinning out new ideas regularly. Therefore we are always on the lookout for experienced and ambitious talent to join one of our startups as a future founder. Do you want to be part of the success story of our portfolio companies? Come build with us!