Act on your business ideas

Investor/entrepreneur and having ideas that are begging to be developed into a business? Find out how a startup studio can help you bring the idea to market with an actionable 0 to 1 plan.

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Bring your own idea

We work with investing entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial investors and innovative organizations who have a clear vision and are looking for a partner to bring their idea, problem or concept to market fast. Together we transform ideas into strong and independent companies. BTW, we have a strong background in tech (apps, online software and IoT) and like to focus on B2B.

Our magic

We provide solid, validated proof and unique insights before building prototypes, products and companies. With an efficient framework and organisation we shape ideas into a value proposition and business model based on facts.

In later stages of the company building process, we’ll onboard a business and technical co-founder from our founders network. They are responsible for launching and growing the company.


Ok is boring. Outstanding is what we strive for. We act on outside ideas with a well-balanced team of professionals with development, design, marketing and entrepreneurial experience. They design, develop, market and measure online software, mobile apps, API’s, Internet of Things devices, chatbots and more. We can build everything we think of.

Developing bold ideas

You're having lots of business ideas, but which one should you chase? Is this idea viable? How to find out if there's business? Will this product solve someones problem? How to bring this idea to market fast?

Those are all valid questions you might have when thinking about the business ideas you have in mind. Our ideation workshop is designed to answer those questions.