Looking for entrepreneurs to START tech ventures

Our startup studio is looking for business and technical co-founders to start ventures from scratch in the following spaces:

  • Smart Living — change the way real-estate is built and serviced.
  • IoT/Domotica — making smart homes fully integrated.
  • Blockchain — power to the people, decentralizing organizations.
  • Artificial Intelligence — making sense of large amounts of data.

Together with entrepreneurs from the Founders Network, we work our way from idea to prototype and from prototype to a flourishing independent business. The We Are Builders team co-founds, funds and supports the venture during the first 18-24 months until it is ready to run independently.

Become CEO or CTO backed by a team of pros

Technical founders

We are looking for tech entrepreneurs with a true entrepreneurial mindset and at least 5 years of experience in architecting, building and maintaining software products. As a tech founder you’ll be coding and getting your hands dirty for sure. Your skills will be complemented by our core-team until you have the traction to build your own team.

Business founders

The business entrepreneurs we are looking for are bold personalities with serious hustle skills and experience with marketing and sales at software companies. As a business founder you’ll be doing everything needed to get the most traction out of the seed-funding. This starts at nurturing the sales funnel and ends with you making sure the customer happiness is as high as can be. Our core-team will complete your skills until you have the traction to build your own team.

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